How Much Do Mississauga Defence Lawyers Charge For Their Services?

Isn’t it traumatizing to be accused of a criminal charge you haven’t committed? 

Or, let’s say you’ve been a victim of a hit-and-run case, seeking a good criminal attorney to put the accused person behind bars. Whatever it is, you need to hire an experienced defence lawyer who can put forth your case in the best possible way. 

The best defence law firm knows the nuances of legal proceedings and has previously handled many criminal cases. 

Most people hesitate to hire criminal attorneys because of the high costs associated with their services. However, if taken into consideration, the fees paid to attorneys are insignificant compared to the freedom the accused gets after being declared innocent. 

As not everyone knows the service charge of Mississauga defence lawyers, this short guide on the same will help enlighten you. 

Defence Lawyers

How Much Do Mississauga Defence Lawyers Charge For Their Services

To be honest, there’s no straightforward answer to this question because the charges vary from lawyer to lawyer. Naturally, experienced lawyers will charge more for their services compared to fresh law school graduates. 

Mississauga defence lawyers who boast a proven record of securing acquittals in legal proceedings may charge more than those with small historical caseloads and limited experience. 

The nature of the case also plays a crucial role in determining the charges of a lawyer. That is to say, criminal lawyers working on complex murder cases are likely to charge more than they would while working on theft, robbery or driving under the influence cases.

What Are The Hourly Rates Of Mississauga Defence Lawyers For Criminal Defence?

Back in the day, defence lawyers charged hourly rates when resolving a case because they felt that covered more or less all expenses. Beneath the hourly billing, premium costs were added according to the experience and reputation of the lawyer. 

In this regard, The Law Society of Ontario came up with a fee schedule in which the hourly pay ranges from $350 for experienced lawyers to $165 for inexperienced professionals. However, as this schedule isn’t mandated, only a few lawyers follow it.

Most are turning to block fee structures that include almost everything, from hiring expert witnesses to additional trial dates. 

Factors That Play A Key Role In Determining The Charges 

There are a lot of factors that defence lawyers have to consider when they curate a fee structure for criminal cases. Some of the factors are as follows:

  • Intricacies of the case
  • Possibility of settling the case with a plea agreement
  • Possibility of charges being dismissed before trial
  • If there’s a need for an expert witness
  • If the trial will be held by a jury or before a judge

Wrapping It Up

As already mentioned, the pay rate of Mississauga defence lawyers differs from lawyer to lawyer, depending upon their experience and acquittal rates. 

While some may cost as little as $75, others can charge as high as $350. When hiring a defence lawyer, make sure you consider their experience level and take quotes from various firms before making a decision. 

Hire the best lawyer today to defend yourself in the eyes of the law!