How to reduce foul septic tank smell

A septic tank that’s well taken care of should not have any bad smells. This can be due to gasses building up in your septic system. These gases can be harmful and even explosive in significant amounts. To fix this, you can do a few things, like regularly putting water in the floor drain traps, using baking soda to keep the right balance, and being careful about what goes into the system. Knowing what causes the smells and doing the right things can help stop them, ensuring your septic system works well and the environment stays healthy. Here are some remedies to this situation, according to septic tank professionals; 

Regular Pumping

Have it pumped regularly to prevent unpleasant odours from emanating from your septic tank. Solid waste and scum can accumulate over time, causing a stink. Experts suggest pumping every 3 to 5 years. However, the frequency may depend on factors like tank size and the number of people in your home.

Having your septic tank pumped is like giving it a good clean. Ensure that it functions properly and doesn’t produce unwanted smells. 

Water Conservation

An overloaded septic system can be a source of foul smells. Using excessive water can contribute to this overload. To counteract this, fix any leaks promptly consider installing water-saving fixtures. 

Too much water can make your septic tank grumpy. Imagine your tank getting too full, and it starts to smell.

Fix leaks when you see them. And use only a little water at a time. For example, spread it throughout the week instead of doing all your laundry on the same day. This helps your septic system stay happy and keeps the smells away.

Proper Waste Disposal

To avoid creating odorous situations in your septic tank, avoid flushing grease.  Other things to clear include oil, coffee grounds, and non-biodegradable items. These substances can accumulate, leading to unwanted smells.

Being cautious about what goes into your septic system is a small but crucial step. 

Maintain the Drainfield

The drain field plays a vital role in your septic system’s health. Avoid planting trees or driving over them to keep them working optimally and prevent foul smells.  You can ensure it continues doing its job without emitting unpleasant odours by preventing unnecessary stress and interference.

Use Baking Soda

A bit of baking soda goes down the drain and swoops in to neutralize those foul smells, leaving only its fresh, clean scent behind. Also, it’s like a sponge. It absorbs terrible odours in your septic system. It’s as simple as making a sandwich–grab some baking soda off the kitchen shelf. Pour it down your drain, and wash everything away with hot water. The best part? Baking soda doesn’t cost much; it’s like having an ally on a budget.


These uncomplicated steps can make a big difference in cutting down those not-so-nice smells from your septic tank.  Follow these simple steps: regular care, saving water, being careful with what you throw in, and a sprinkle of baking soda. All these simple actions can help keep your septic system smelling fresh. Taking these steps means a happier and more pleasant atmosphere around your home.