5 Essential Features of a Successful eCommerce Business

The eCommerce industry is growing rapidly. However, not all online businesses are thriving. Successful e-commerce businesses have similar features which prioritize ease of use, attractive websites, safety, and speed. This blog will share five essential features of a successful online business.

eCommerce Business

An attractive website with high-definition images

Attractive websites are not just about designs and logos when it comes to an online store. Though these are important, more is needed for an eCommerce site to appeal. That is why businesses hire companies to handle these tasks. Luckily, Toronto has many eCommerce marketing companies that specialize in building and growing online stores. 

In an offline supermarket, a rich product display makes the store attractive and appealing to customers. The same applies to online stores. All successful online business websites have products and services properly displayed in categories. The product catalog usually contains vital information that is easily viewable. Clicking on a product shows you important details, such as price, availability status, delivery options, and description. Customer ratings for the product will also be included. The product image will be clear, zoomable, and load fast. Shoppers want to be able to see vivid images of a product they wish to buy. All of these contribute to the attractiveness of the online store and are a major feature of successful businesses. 

Mobile friendly website 

The majority of online shoppers do their online buying on mobile devices. It’s more convenient. A mobile-friendly online store gets more site visitors and more sales. For this reason, successful businesses use responsive web design. It enables websites to adapt to screen sizes when you load them. Whether the customer uses a tablet, mobile phone, or desktop, the site is sure to load properly. 

Fast loading and easy navigation 

Internet users tend towards impatience and a very short attention span. Shoppers expect to click on a link or item and have it load within milliseconds. Otherwise, they lose interest and click the back button fast. Successful online stores ensure their sites load before a second. One tap displays the item no matter what image or video you click on. This enables them to hold the shoppers’ attention long enough for sale.

Additionally, these sites ensure all important tabs are within site. For example, do you want to read a product review before adding it to the cart? On sites like amazon, below each product description, you will find the customer rating and the Read reviews tab. 

Secured payment gateways and data safety 

Payment methods are very important factors contributing to eCommerce business success. Companies that flourish in this industry integrate popular, safe, and easy payment methods on their website for customers. A reliable eCommerce store integrates famous PSPs like Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, and others in the same category. Mobile payments are also becoming popular and being added to the list. These businesses also ensure their sites are safe. They do this using the necessary software to protect customers’ privacy and data.

Customer reviews

People read reviews, especially for products they have never used. Many customers will first find out about others’ experiences with an item before buying. The reason is that there are often various choices, and the shopper wishes to pick the best. Successful businesses create an avenue for users to submit reviews. These reviews are displayed for other shoppers to influence their decisions.


You will find similar features in all successful eCommerce businesses, but these five are basic. The most important takeaway is that these businesses ensure the best customer experience. This is what guarantees repeat purchases and good ratings.