Why Should You Hire an Agency to Get Patents

Over the last century, technological innovation has occurred at a breakneck pace and made our lives easier in several ways.

While innovation generally leads to the advancement of humankind, it’s only fair for the owner to be duly credited and compensated for their invention. That’s why patent protection exists.

However, applying for a patent can be daunting, which is where patent agencies step in. So, here are five benefits of hiring a patent agency.


Five Benefits of Hiring a Patent Agency

1. Expertise

Patent agencies hire experts from various fields, including technical experts, legal professionals, etc. In most jurisdictions, patent agents are required by law to possess specific qualifications.

Paired with its in-field experience, a well-reputed Canadian patent agency has immense technical and legal expertise, which the client can call upon at any step of the filing process.

2. Protection

The patent filing process is complex and somewhat adversarial. Often, patent authorities are reluctant to grant patents and demand justifications for filings or unreasonable amendments. 

Additionally, third parties may target your patent filing by considering it an infringement of their patent or innovation. An established patent agency can protect you from these hassles and help you deal with them smoothly.

3. Investigation

Most patent agencies usually conduct independent investigations to verify the veracity of a patent’s claims. This exercise can help you identify issues based on the agency’s industry knowledge and awareness of legal precedents. The investigation can help you foresee potential issues prior to filing and gives you the time needed to rectify them if needed.

4. Filing

Following due diligence, the actual process of filing the patent is extremely complex, with various statutory and regulatory compliances required to be fulfilled. Failure to comply with these requirements can lead to your patent application’s dismissal on a technicality, irrespective of its merits.

A patent agency can help you navigate the complexities of the filing procedure. Patent agents are familiar with the form and file requirements and can make your application compliant, increasing its likelihood of acceptance.

5. Advice

Besides the practical services offered by patent agencies, they also undertake consultancy and advisory work, owing to their vast experience and in-house talent. Should you not wish to hire a patent agency for any of the services mentioned above, hiring them for general advisory services is still a great idea.

Advisory services can entail consultations on the projected likelihood of a patent application’s acceptance, advice regarding the commercial viability of a product, etc. Governments regularly seek patent agencies’ advice on regulatory and policy issues pertaining to intellectual property law.


Patents are the state’s mechanism of ensuring that the rightful owner of an innovation gets their due from any monetary benefit arising out of it. They also ensure that the innovator gets their fair share of the credit. However, filing a patent is a tricky endeavour which is best left to the professionals.

For further guidance, we recommend getting in touch with a reputable patent agency.