Is My Neck Hump Treatable?

Is your neck hump treatable? Have you noticed a small bump on your neck and wondered what it is? 

It may be due to a common condition known as a “hump.” Although the condition isn’t serious, it can cause physical and social discomfort.

Treatment options are available for managing and eliminating the issue.

Neck Hump

Neck Hump: What is it?

A neck hump, also known as a “buffalo hump,” is a visible lump or bulge at the back of your neck caused by an accumulation of extra fat cells. 

This can result from aging, hormone imbalances, prolonged steroid use, or other certain medical conditions. 

Some people may also develop this type of lump in adulthood if they have had multiple surgeries that result in scar tissue buildup from incisions made in their necks.

What Causes Neck Humps?

As previously mentioned, there are several possible causes of neck humps, including age, hormone imbalance, and obesity.

Age-related changes to the body can lead to an imbalance in hormones which can cause fat deposits to accumulate near the middle and upper back area resulting in a hump.

Additionally, obesity is another possible risk factor since extra fat cells could accumulate around the neck area, making it appear larger and more prominent than normal.

In some cases, prolonged steroid use can increase levels of fat storage while decreasing muscle mass which could also contribute to developing a neck hump.

Treatment Options Available for Neck Humps

The treatment for managing or eliminating neck humps will likely depend on its underlying cause; however, some general treatments are available regardless of the root cause:

  • Weight Loss – weight loss through exercise and dieting can help reduce excess fat accumulation around the neck area, reducing any noticeable lumps or bumps caused by it.

  • Surgery – surgical procedures such as liposuction can remove excess fat from specific areas, such as around your neck, thus reducing its size/appearance if necessary. Other surgical methods, such as skin tightening, might also be used depending on individual cases to help lift sagging skin which could make any lumps less visible over time.

  • Natural Treatments – topical creams containing retinoids (vitamin A derivatives) may be applied directly onto our skin two times daily to help promote healthy collagen production, thereby improving skin elasticity and smoothing out wrinkles or bumps that might occur due to aging or other factors mentioned above.

So, Is Your Neck Hump Treatable?

Although having a noticeable lump on your neck isn’t necessarily serious, it’s still understandable why someone would want to address it, whether out of vanity or simply feeling self-conscious about visible signs of aging, etc.

Luckily, it is treatable, and treatments are available that help manage this condition medically (i.e., surgery) and naturally (topical creams).

The best way forward depends entirely on individual cases, so anyone seeking professional help should consult a chiropractor.

An experienced chiropractor can help you guide better as they are known to guide about numerous conditions, such as chiropractic care for 

neck hump or chiropractic care during pregnancy, etc. 

So, before deciding on their treatment options, they must choose from their doctor first.