What to expect when you get free legal consultation

Sometimes we are faced with situations that require us to get legal advice from Law experts. In such a case, you want to know the weight of your case and how to approach the matter. So what do you expect when you get a free consultation with a lawyer? Here is all you need to know to prepare for a free legal consultation.

get free legal consultation

Description of the case

Once you get a lawyer, the first step is to explain the situation in which you need legal advice. It is the primary purpose of your visit, and you need to give all the information that will help. It will enable the lawyer to understand the case further.

You do not have to give a long story but narrow it down to the relevant information. The lawyer can guide you with questions about the main issues. It helps the legal consultant to get a clear picture of the problem. 

Evaluation of the case 

The legal consultant will then evaluate the weight of the case. It will determine whether you can carry on with legal action. It would be best if you also give all your evidence about the issue. Some of the evidence to carry can be in the form of the following;

  • Written documents
  • Police reports 
  • Employment or medical records
  • Emails and texts
  • Photos and videos
  • Eyewitnesses
  • Time schedules 

Carry all the supporting evidence to where you plan to get free legal consultation. This physical documentation should be relevant to the case. The lawyer will let you know the strength of the case according to their experience with similar issues. 

Legal action to take

After adequately analyzing the facts you have, including the evidence provided, the lawyer will recommend a cause of action. That includes how you can solve the case and your legal options. 

The legal consultant will explain how you can handle the case to get the best results. If needed, they will recommend representation, so you hire them to help you. They will also let you know the time it will take and what to expect during the entire process. 


The fees depend on the type of consultation you have. The lawyer will charge a small fee if you have a legal question you can resolve with a consultation. There is also the contingency fee, where you have a payment arrangement. 

You pay this after you win a case with the legal advice given during free consultations. However, the first consultation is usually free unless further action is required. 

The lawyer will not get into the details of resolving the issue until you hire them. The first free consultation allows the client to gauge the lawyer’s expertise and whether to hire them. It also lets the legal consultant know if they can handle the issue.

Final words

It is essential to plan yourself when looking for free legal consultation. You need to know what to expect and what to have when you see a legal consultant. Take your first step towards getting legal help for any problem you have been battling.